Spaghetti Westerns

Iconic, altar like trophies, rise up from forgotten television sets. Stereotypical cacti, gallows and dead, stripped and bullet riddled trees serve as coat racks for cowboy paraphernalia.

As a teenager I was attracted to the type of Spaghetti Westerns that criticized and demythologized the conventions of traditional cowboy movies. I was interested in the idea of a foreign culture translating Americana and targeting filmed machismo through staged brawling and balletic violence.

These sculpted still lifes serve in memoriam to those past films that were already based and misplaced on the mythological cowboy in American literature, retold and rendered in excessive Technicolor on the wide screen.... and eventually cut down to size and replayed over and over again on television.

Wagon wheels, boots and spurs are among the remnants that serve as bleached out memories of adolescent fantasies.

Senza Cavalier, porcelain, 13 inches high, 2014

Albero Morto, ceramic, 17 inches high,2013

Giustizia, ceramic, 17 inches high, 2013

Natura Morta, ceramic, 17 inches high, 2013